Photo from spanish team in Czech Republic – Ostrava meeting

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Materials from Czech Conference Europlants

Manual CZ č. 4

Manual CZ č. 6

Prezentace č. 1

Prezentace č. 2

Prezentace č. 3

Helen Markwood with her natural materials and dyed T-Shirt from Marseille and products from Cz Rep

photo Helen T-shirt


photo Helen cz rep activities


VIdeo about European conference about urban and rural gardens and the promotion uses of plants in Czech Republic.

European conference about urban and rural gardens and the promotion uses of plants in Czech Republic.


Article about the meeting in Ostrava, Czech republic

Europlants – mobility in Ostrava 16.06.-20.06.2014


Day 1


The first day all the participants from UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Hungary gathered for a conference. We had the chance to listen to interesting presentations about herbs from several guests. One woman from an herb and natural cosmetic shop explained us some important effects of plants and which medicine is the best for which illness. In addition we learned about some activities with children in the nature and go to know also some useful facts about some plants and there usage.

After lunch break we met a bit outside of the city center for a nettle workshop. We made omelet with nettles, tried nettle tea and tasted herb liquor. Also we received information about the plant itself, what we can gain from it, its usage and its effects. After, the coordinators had a meeting to discuss the outcomes and the next steps of the project before we met all together for dinner in the city.


Day 2


After a great day one with a lot of information we started day two in one hotel with another workshop. We created dollies out of the leaves of corn which was a big challenge, something new for almost everyone and which took a lot of time. Besides we could also see and try on our own how to paint and decorate easter eggs. Some people had an interview and shared their experiences and opinions. After the handcraft we continued with receiving education about the flora and fauna of Czech Republic in an interactive museum. After lunch we met for going to a gardening center outside of the city. There we had a guide who explained us many things about some plants and herbs. We could discover everything with all five senses. In the end we tasted water mixed with elder syrup. Later we took the bus back to the city and stopped in the shop of the lady from the conference because we were curious what she is selling. We informed ourselves, bought a lot of tea, creams and relaxing gels. This was already the last part of the mobility in Ostrava before we went for a farewell dinner where we had a short evaluation and where we received our certificates.

During these two days we had the opportunity to try many things on our own, we made a lot of handcrafts and got to know Czech tradition through nature.

Meeting in Czech republic

Progrma and information of the meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic.


Video about the EUROPLANTS meeting in France

There our video from Europlants in Marseille :

Enjoy it.


Europlants Marselle REPORT

Report Europlants Marselle  France



Article of Europlants in French Webpage

Pics from Sault_Aurélie

1 - Under the mirror - Vieux Port 2 - On the road to Luberon 3 - Welcome to Aroma Plantes 4 - Distillation explanation 5 - Distillation explanation 6 7 - lavander or lavandin 8 9 - After lunch 10 - Spanish team 11 - Group n°2 let's go for a walk 12 - Lavander Vics 13 - Jenni 14 15 - Julia 16 17 - Helen 18 - looking for oak nuts 19 - Helen's t-shirt 20 21 - Qué felicidad! 22 - Italian team and Mariló 23 - Austrian team 24 25 26 - SOAP